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Stay home, Stay safe | Deliveries are still available
Stay home, Stay safe | Deliveries are still available

Loveburgh 250mg Hemp Seed CBD Oil 10ml

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A great starting point for CBD oil novices. A low-dose has the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) working gently.

The 250mg CBD/CBDa/CBG is a great starting point for those seeking CBD. The balance between cannabinoids, predominantly CBDa and CBD gives a unique effect and potency for a low-dose oil. The 250mg is totally raw, with a natural earthy and spicy taste.

Each 10ml bottle contains:

  • 250mg CBD+CBDa+CBG
  • 200 drops / 1.25mg per drop
  • Approx. 125mg CBD total
  • Approx. 125mg CBDa total
  • Trace levels CBG, CBC
  • Healthy Omega 3+6
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Natural Plant Terpenes 
  • Low THC – Under 0.2%
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Zero Chemicals


Place 2-4 drops under your tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds for maximum absorption.