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Stay home, Stay safe | Deliveries are still available
Stay home, Stay safe | Deliveries are still available

Drop CBD Face Cream 250mg CBD 50ml



The face cream obviously reduces the signs of skin ageing by reducing the damage caused by oxidative stress to the skin, deeply rejuvenating, moisturising and toning up the skin.

Contains Gatuline® Expression (Acmella oleracea extract) – a tropical plant origin alternative to Botox that provides immediate reduction of mimic wrinkles.

The cream deeply moisturises and strengthens the skin structure. PENTAVITIN molecules actively absorb water and guarantee skin hydration for 74 hours, whilst the lactic acid normalises the epithelialisation process, improves skin moisture and elasticity, promoting the synthesis of an “intercellular substance” (glycosaminoglicans). The natural sources of silicon in the product increase the level of hydroxyproline - an amino acid – in the tissues, affecting the synthesis of fibres of connecting tissues.

A rich combination of antioxidants effectively combat free radicals, stimulating the synthesis of collagen.

The combination of natural oils effectively inhibit the ageing processes; they are structurally similar to skin ceramides and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They protect the skin from losing moisture, helping to maintain its elasticity. The oil combination contain vitamins B1, B6, especially large amount of vitamin E that softens and deeply nourishes the skin, moisturises, protects and prevents ageing processes in the skin.