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About us

Mission Statement

At The CBD Pharmers our mission is to ensure that the best CBD products are available for our customers. We have done extensive research on what CBD brands and products improve the health and wellbeing of our customers, and therefore we source and offer high-quality CBD products based on this.


Who Are We?

 The CBD Pharmers are your one-stop shop for a range of fantastic hemp cannabidiol products, chosen specifically to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. We place a strong focus on what CBD can do for our customers, hence you can be assured that the products you buy will be beneficial.

 Our CBD products come in several forms including CBD Oils, Vapes, Capsules, Skincare, etc. All products are laboratory tested and THC-free.

 The CBD Pharmers was formed when a group of Cannabis industry experts could not find products that were carefully selected to meet their demands. From this a start-up was born, which places the customer’s needs first.


Why Choose The CBD Pharmers?

Customers come first – As The CBD Pharmers was launched to provide customers with high-quality CBD products you can be assured that you will find high-quality CBD products, tailored specifically for your needs.

Free Shipping – We offer free shipping on orders over £30. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing The CBD Pharmers.

Laboratory-Tested products – We ensure that products we source have been extensively tested and that they are THC-free.