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Please note that deliveries may take longer than usual due to ongoing Covid disruptions.
Please note that deliveries may take longer than usual due to ongoing Covid disruptions.

CBD Capsules

Looking for a safe and convenient way to consume CBD? At The CBD Pharmers we have an extensive range of the best CBD Capsules, as part of our role as the UK’s leading CBD supplier. We only stock high-quality, lab-tested CBD Capsules from industry leading suppliers.

Like all our CBD products our CBD Capsules come in a range of different concentrations. We also stock standard CBD Capsules (CBD Tablets) and CBD Softgel Capsules, providing a convenient way to consume CBD for those on the go. Additionally, we have Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules and Broad-Spectrum CBD Capsules for sale. Our CBD Capsules are vegetarian or vegan. We ensure that all of our products are laboratory tested and contain only high-quality hemp.

If you feel CBD Capsules are not suitable for you, we have plenty of alternatives including CBD OilCBD Vape JuiceCBD EdiblesCBD GummiesCBD Skincare and many more!

What is in CBD Capsules?

The main component of CBD Capsules is the Cannabidiol compound. CBD Softgel Capsules come in an outer shell made of gelatin or a vegetarian alternative and the inside will be filed with hemp CBD Oil. 

The other form of CBD Capsules can be referred to as CBD Tablets. These tablets contain a concentrated extract of a specific Cannabinoid. 


How do CBD Capsules work?

Similar to all CBD products, CBD Capsules work by interacting with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The most prominent role of the CBD compound is to block the breakdown of naturally produced Endocannabinoids; hence our bodies function more efficiently. 


How to take CBD Capsules?

It is best to consume CBD Capsules as you would normal capsules or tablets, with a glass of water. As each Capsule will have a specific CBD concentration in mg you can work out how many tablets you require with relative ease. At The CBD Pharmers we always advise our customers to start with a low dose. 


How many CBD Capsules should you take per day?

If you are a beginner, then as with other CBD products it is best to start with a low dose. We suggest starting with either 10 mg or 20 mg tablets then monitoring how you feel. Some people will find that amount works, whereas some others will need to take larger doses. This will largely depend on individual-specific factors such as weight, metabolic rate and desired effects.  

More seasoned users of CBD can start on higher doses and one of the main benefits of CBD Capsules is that you know the exact amount of CBD you will consume. Therefore if you know the ideal CBD dosage for yourself, the Capsules could work well for you.